My Avatar!!

Lately Kayla and I started doing the bloging challenge. In challenge one, activity three and four, we had to make an avatar and write a post about it. We both decided to do it on Portrait Illustration Maker. First we we were just mucking around, looking at all the hair styles etc. It took us roughly about half an hour to totally finish. My avatar has long, blonde hair with brown eyes. There is a pink flower in my hair. I don't normally wear flowers in my hair but I did this time. I am wearing a blue hoodie. Behind me is a snowy back ground. I have pinkish lips and a small nose. I'm also wearing a blue necklace. I didn't give her any earings, but in real life I do wear earings. My avatar has a funny sense of humor and loves to have fun. She likes to read, go horse riding etc. I almost forgot to say my avatar is called Anna the second. :) :) That is everything you will need to know about my avatar. If you want to know anything more, just leave me a comment and I'll answer it.

Saying Good-Bye

Last Saturday (17th September) Roger, my brother in-law, came over from Canada for a holiday.Then on Monday (19th September) Sarah, my sister, came. Their holiday disappeared sooooooooooo fast. But the time they had was fun. This morning we took them up to the Auckland Airport and said good-bye. Thank-you lots Sarah and Roger for making your trip awesome for me. I can't wait till you come over again. I know that won't be for ages, but who cares.

My Goat Bubbles!!!!

 A week or so after my birthday (23rd July) I got a goat, which I called Bubbles. His coat is a few shades of brown with black and white spots. First when I got him he didn't like drinking the milk, but after a few days he got the hang of it and is great.  I feed him four times day as well as two cups of meal. I absolutely LOVE him! I know he loves me too because one day I was sitting outside with him, doing my homework. He came up to me and sat right next to me. There's been other times when he has actually sat on me. :) :) I will be taking Bubbles to Otewa's school Pet Day and then I will go onto Group Day. Since it is my last year at primary school I will also go to Waikato Show. At Waikato I will be competing against lots of other people.That's all for now, but please check out my blog for other posts I do.


In a weeks time I am getting a puppy from the SPCA. It is a boy Shih Tzu. Normally they are sold for about $1000 but since it's from the SPCA I am getting it for $250. It is so exciting buying all the equipment for it. I haven't thought of a name yet so if anybody comes up with a cool boys name leave post telling me. I will put up a newer post with pictures of him.
That's all for now, See-ya. 

My Bunnies

Like I said in the last post I have two bunnies Flopsy and Bopsy. I've had them for about 3 years now. Flopsy's had 3 litters including the one she had recently.The first litter she had 5 babies,the second 2 and this time 5 again. Now there is only 4 as one died.
Bopsy is white with colourful spots all over, unlike Flopsy who is pure white other than
 her nose and ears which are grey. Every litter I've had, all the
babies have always been white. Finally this litter I have a baby that is like Bopsy. :) :) :) Now that they have
their eyes open and are running around I'm
allowed to bring them inside.I put towels all over the couch so they can hop around. They've just started eating food.They love it!!! Once they're a bit older than a month I sell them to the Pet Shop in Hamilton. Here are some photos of my bunnies...