Well first of all please, please, please comment on my blog. I will always come back to your blog. I always get soooooo excited when I log into blogger and see that I have a comment or two needing to be moderated. My best commenters are Kayla, Asleigh Rose, Sophie and Purple Pizza. Thank-you so much for commenting. Please keep it up. So far my best, best commenter is Kayla who is my best friend. Since we go to the same school we started blogging at the same time. We are having lots and lots of fun. Most of the time we do it at the same time. Recently she commented on 'Sentence made out of pictures', 'From this picture I think...', 'Pictures make a story' and lots of other ones. A lot of the time she just comments on my blog because I comment on her blog. Her are always so nice to read. Here is one that did...

I would have forgiven you anyway. You make me laugh. You are spot on with my story. And my sentence. Okey doke, the one with the bub - no names I'm guessing - is hard to explain. Something like "Looking at cat, finding cat, GOTCHA cat!" I knwo what it means, but I can't put it into words. Pretty pretty please, could you tell Bumpsta that when you have visitors, to quiet down a little bit. I can't think with all the noise!!!

Kayla (your best best best friend!!) ☺

P.S. I can't get my name working either

So thank-you EVERYBODY for commenting on my blog.