Guess how I'm feeling? . . . 
AMAZING!! I look exactly like the picture. Well I don't actually but I'm sure you get my idea.I'm HAPPY!! I don't really know why I do, but I just do. :) :) :) I have had an awesome day at school. Kayla and I  just can't stop laughing. We don't know why we're laughing but we just are. Charlie also makes me happy. Seeing his adorable face makes we all cheerful inside.Here are some things that make ME smile.    - Sarah's funny face.
- Kayla, especially what she says.
- Charlie
- When someone in my family says something funny.
 There are a lot of other things that make me smile but these are some that I can straight away think of.
What makes you smile? Why does it?

Day at the college.

This morning at 9:30 many year eights assembled at Otorohanga College  for a orientation day. During this day we explored the college going to many different classes. We were given a time tableOur group had Science from 10.00 to 10.55, then we went to Social Studies for about an hour. This was really fun. After we'd learnt a bit about social studies we played a game. We were split into two even teams and then we were asked all sorts of questions. You could choose what the question was based on. The catagories were. . . politics, history, tourisim, geography and mixed. The harder the questions, the more points you got. Our team won and were rewarded with a bag of lollies to share between us. After we'd finished Scoial studies we had a half hour lunch break. Then our group joined up with another group and together we went to metal and wood work. I made two necklaces. One was a koru and the other one was the letter 'A'. I really liked making them and thoroughly enjoyed myself. :) :). The last thing we did was Physical Education. We played a big game of dodge ball in the gym. The day finished with our dean talking to us. I was dropped off back to school by my friend Kayla's, mum. Today has been really fun and I am looking forward to going there next year. I can't imagine myself in a uniform. :)

Must Read!!

A few days ago I started looking for some cool quotes to put on my blog. Here is one I particurly liked . . .

So how did you like it. I thought it was lovely. I can just imagine myself doing this when I am an old lady. :) Thank-you soooooooo much for visting my blog.

Going to manual!!!

Every Thursday the year seven and eights go to South School for manual. Each term you do a different subject. Right now I'm doing Sewing. I have also done cooking, wood work and metal work. My favourite would probably be cooking but then I do also love wood. Right now I'm making a hoodie. The front, back and sleeves of it are bright blue and then the pocket and hood are a darker blue. I can't wait to finish it. :) We are just up to attaching the sleeves. Manual is really, really fun. I will always remember going there.

Questions for you. :)

  Please answer these questions in a comment.
1) What is your favourite sandwich?
2) What is your favourite animal?3) Are you a boy or a girl?
4) Do you have a blog?
5) If you do what is it, blogger, edu blogger etc?
6) What is your favourite colour?
7) Do you live in New Zealand?
8) If you do'nt
 what country do you live in?
9) Do you live on a farm or not?
10) Do you like reading?
11) What is your favourite book you've read?12) Are you looking ford to Christmas?
Thank-you lots and lots for answering these questions. 

C.O.P.S Athletics!!

 At 9.30, Otewa, South school,       Kio Kio, St. Marys, Oto Primary, Waitomo Caves and Hangatiki competed together in athletics. The day started a bit dreary but very soon got very hot. I came 1st in Long jump, 3rd in Middle Distance and then in Sprints I came 2nd in my semi final but then in the final I didn't come anything. I also competed in High Jump but did not come anything. Since most of Otewa School had left we didn't have many students to compete in the relay. But from what we had left we made a team. We came third. Today was an amazing day. Since this is my last year I will never ever be doing it a again. In a few weeks time I will probably be going to Waikato. If I was to go I would probably be entering Long jump and Middle distance. Thank-you for visting my blog. BYE!!! :) :) :) 
I forgot to say the pictures I've put on aren't anybody I know. I just got them off Google images.

Guess what my favourite food is?

As you have probably seen in the pictures my favourite food is fudge. It is DELICIOUS!!. That creamy, buttery fudge that felts in your mouth. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Just thinking or talking about makes me want to eat it. sadly I am not allowed to eat it very often as you probably will know it has looooooooaaaaaaddds of sugar in it. My mum has the best recipe ever. If you would like it just leave me a comment asking for it. I'll somehow find a way to give it to you. See-ya!!! :) :) :)

Weekly Challenge.

Every week I will put a picture of 'something' that is either zoomed in or really strange. You guys have to try guess what it is. I might give you a hint. Depends how hard the picture is. After the week is over I will say who won. If no one does get it right I'll reveal the answer. But hopefully someone will get it. Just leave a comment telling me what you think it is. I won't moderate the comment until the week is over. So that way no one can see what you think it is. Also you are only allowed to have ONE guess. If you do more than one I'll take your first guess. Here is this weeks...
It's kind of easy but I thought I'd start easy and get harder and harder. I'm not going to give you a hint because I'm sure you don't need it.


On Wednesday our school travelled to Mahihihi school for athletics. I went with Kayla. Once we got there we lined up in our year levels. The lady talked for a while then we got started. The year eights had a break first. I came 1st
in long jump, jumping 3.80 metres, 1st in discus, throwing 15.20 metres, 1st in sprints, 1st in middle distance, 1st in high jump, jumping 1.20 metres (but I didn't get a chance to go any higher because I'd won) and I got 3rd in shot put. By the end of the day I was tired. Our relay team won. I will never ever forget that day. I will be going to COPS next Wednesday. See-ya for now. Thanks lots for visting my blog. :) :) :)

Car Washing!!

A little while a go Mum, Nicolas and Matthew were in a serious car crash. During the accident the van was smashed. Mum badly hurt her neck, so now she has to wear a neck brace to support her neck. The insurance are going to decide if it's written off or not, but it is very likely it is. Mum and Dad have been looking at new cars. They've found a car that they like. It is a 2009 car. They were thinking of trading our Ute in, as well as the insurance money for the van. So my job is to thoroughly clean the ute out. It has to be spotless. I started my job today. Tonight I cleaned the inside and tomorrow I'll be cleaning the outside. Charlie has fun helping me. :) :) :) :) :) 
That's all for now. See-ya!!

Yus!! Thumbs Up!!!

Finally all the hard work I've put in has worked. Lately I've been trying to teach Charlie how to sit. He never really seemed to be taking any notice of me when I said 'sit'. But this afternoon I told him to sit and he did. I was all excited. Then I said it again. And then again. Every single time he sat. I was sooooooooo happy. :):):) All the hard work I'd put in was worth it. He doesn't sit if he's distracted. Now I'm going to try and teach him how to high-five. Now that he can sit it will be a lot easier. We'll see how he does. Thank-you lots for visting my blog. Please keep coming back.
Good night.

My Calf Gemma!!

Now that I've finished rearing my goat I have a calf. On Monday night Dad and I went down to my friends house. They are on a milking farm. I got to choose between about eleven different calves. They were all black and white. I was going to get a girl. Finally I decided on one. She was at the back. She has white legs and the rest of her body is white with black spots all over. She also has a black face with a white spot shaped as a 'T'. I didn't feel good knowing that all the rest of the calves were going on the bobbie truck. At least I saved one. :) :) It took me a few days to decide on a name but eventually I decided on Gemma. I feed her milk in the morning and afternoon everyday. I LOVE her lots and lots!!!

One of the best days of my life!!!

At about 8:00 in the morning Bubbles was all set to go up to Hamilton with Dad and I. We got to the Waikato Show in time. There were already lots of people there. First everybody who participated got a ribbon, we all got one because this year was a Royal Show. After recieving the ribbon we were split into three different rings, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. I was in the seniors. And then each ring was split into early and late. Early is when your goat was born on the earlier side and late is when your goat is born later. Bubbles and I were in the earlies. My day started good when Bubbles came second in Most Obvious Pet. And then in leading we came first and reserve champion. After leading was over we had the team of three. I just joined up with two other people. We didn't come anything in that. We were all getting tired by now. But all we had to do was rearing. That wasn't hard. :)  In rearing I came first and then I came champion. The Champion ribbon is really special. It has three different colours on it. It is a bit hard to explain but if you look carefully on the picture of just me and Bubbles you might be able to see it. I was amazed with myself. I didn't think I'd do as well as I did. Yeah so I will never ever forget this day. See-ya  

My Darling Charlie!!

I have had my puppy for nearly three weeks now and have had soooooooo much fun with him. Charlie has already grown waaaay bigger. He knows that I'm his mum and is learning what he's not allowed to do. I am going to try and teach him to sit, go fetch-bringing the ball back to me, high five and hopefully to shake my hand. Right now I'm just teaching him to sit. Everyday when I come home from schoool I go and see him. His face lights up when he sees me. (Well it doesn't actually light up, but I'm sure you know what I mean.) He gets all excited. In the morning when the grass is wet and he runs all over it, he leaves wet foot prints everywhere. Thanks for reading my blog. Please, please comment. See-ya.

The Waikato Show

Since it's my last year of Primary School I am going to the Waikato Show in Hamilton. On Friday mum, me and my goat Bubbles are going. Bubbles and I will be versing lots of of other people. We will be doing M.O.P, Leading and Rearing and then after that's finished they have a team a three. I will just join up with two other people. Today I am going to give him a wash and clip his feet. I am really looking ford to going. Can't wait!!! I'll tell you what I come after Friday. See-ya. Remember PLEASE comment on my blog. Thanks. :):):):)

How often have you been reading my blog?

Last night, while I was lying in bed I thought I could write a post about how often YOU are reading my blog. So I am going to ask you 15 questions. I'll give you one hint, if you don't know the answer go through reading all my posts. THAT WILL HELP A LOT. Every answer will be in one of my posts. I'll leave a comment back on your blog telling you how well you went. Here comes the questions.
1) How many bunnies do I have?
2) What are their names?
3) What is my favourite colour?
4) What do I LOVE to eat?
5) What is my goat's name?
6) Do I like making my toe nails pretty?
7) What is one question I'd like to find out about another country?
8) Where would I LOVE to vist?
9) What time do I get home from school?
10) If I could do anything what would it be?
11)What breed is my puupy?
12) What is his name?
13) When I went to Kayla's house what movie did we watch?
14) In the 'Zoom Out' game what did I zoom out in?
15) What did my dad think I should've called my puppy?
So have a go and I'll tell you how well you went. Hopefully you will all do well. I know Kayla will. :):):):)
Goodnight everybody!! Sleep well.

How creative can you get?

Yesterday I was just doodling. I started drawing faces, my faces then started looking more and more like humans, So I decided to doodle on a different piece of paper. What you have to do is write a paragragh or two about what these people are looking at. Are they seeing aliens or a scary monster? Well you get to choose whatever you like.
Here are some hints to get you started...

- Are they happy/sad/depressed etc?
- Why is it all red?
- Is there a purpose for sheep in the background?
- Why does the man in the front have his hands on his hips?
- Why does the boy on the left hand side look shy?
- Why are there animals with them?
So keep asking questions like that to yourself and then you'll find it much easier. There is no right or wrong answer. This is just meant to be a fun activity. See how creative you can really get and just remember there is NO wrong answer. JUST HAVE FUN!!!


Finally my puppy has a name. Pretty much everybody in my family gave me a name. Here are what they told me
- Charlie- Rachel
- Pepper- Dad
- Noodles- Reuben
-Billious- Nicolas
-Douglas- Ben
I had a big think and decided to call him Charlie. So my puppy is called Charlie. :):):):):) He is adorable!!! I LOVE him sooooooooo much!!

Sentence made out of pictures.

 This is a sentence made out of pictures you have to try and work out what it says. If you think you know, leave me comment saying then I'll reply telling you if you're right or wrong. It starts from the top then goes down to the bottom. Each picture means one word.

From this picture I think...

In the blogging challenge I have to say what I think is happening in this picture. This is what I think...
Some people from New Zealand have gone to Thailand to rescue all the elephants that have been bullied all their life. The elephants are sooooooo happy to be free. After they've all had a big play they will be shipped to New Zealand and will get looked after properly. The elephants will never have a bad day again. They will be treated how we would like to be treated and we will never, ever see them unhappy again.

Picturs make a story.

In the blogging you have make a story using pictures. So look at these pictures and try to work out what the story is.

Zoom Out!!

In this game, you have to zoom out. This is how you play. Say, I had a cushion. The first person might zoom out and say cushion on a couch and then someone else might say cushion on a couch in a lounge room. Instead of doing a cushion I'm doing a pen. So now you have to zoom out on a pen. Just leave a comment saying the answer.

My Fave Colour!!

 To be honest I do love most colours, but if I had to choose one it would be blue. I don't particularly like dark, dark blues, just the nice bright blues. Blue puts me in a happy mood. You can't really go any where without seeing blue. I've chosen the first picture because it shows you most of the shades. I really like the pale blue on the top, right hand side of that picture.The second picture because it looks beautiful and it also shows that even if you put lots of the same colour 
together it still looks nice and the last because the sea and the waves is the prettiest you could ever imagine. I LOVE watching the blue waves collapsing against the surface. Especially how it's mixed in with white. So now anybody who reads this post knows that my favourite colour is blue.


This afternoon Dad and I went to town. While he was doing all the jobs he wanted to get done I went to Video Ezy to get some Dvds out. Kayla, Emma and their mum happened to be in there hiring Dvds as well. :):) They asked Dad if I would like to come over. Dad agreed, so once we'd all got our Dvds we left for their house. Kayla and I watched Alice in Wonderland in her bedroom. We had popcorn and snakes. (edible though) We had lots and lots of fun!!! Sadly Dad had to pick me up.  We hadn't finished watching it either. But what I had watched was FANTASTIC. Hopefully I'll be able to see the rest sometime soon. From what I've seen I fully recommend this to anyboody who hasn't seen it.

Finally, he's here!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, after Group Day, I went to Te Kuiti to pick up my puppy from the SPCA. As soon as we got there I rushed in and was given my puppy. My face lit up as lady brought him out to me. He is aaaaadoooorable!!! I LOVE him sooooo much! :):):) All the way home he snuggled up to me. Once we got home I played with him, which felt like ages and then we made his bed. He then had a veeery long sleep. He doesn't actually have a name yet, he's just called 'puppy', so it's not too late to tell me a name.

The story that everybody writes.

For this challenge I have to start the story and everybody who vists my blog will carry it on by leaving a comment.
Here is my start...
Looking over my shoulder I saw, coming over the distant hill, a ............

If I could do anything...

If I could do anything I would learn to be a really, really good ice-skater. I would absolutely LOVE that. I don't know how I will be able to because there is only an ice arena in Auckland. That's like three hours away. Plus I don't have my own pair of ice skates. But if I set my mind to it I might manage doing it. I love watching movies with people doing all that fancy stuff. :):):):):) It looks AMAZING!!! I've only ever ice skated once, but that time I absolutely loved it!!! I really want to go again. I don't really know how I am going to acheive this dream but we'll find out one day.

After school activities!!

In challenge 4, activity 3, you have to say what you do after school. I don't really go anywhere, I just stay home. I hop on the bus at 3:30 and get home at 4:00. Normally as soon as I get home I have something to eat, sit around for a bit and then feed my goat. Play with him for a little while and then feed my bunnies and take Sparky (my sister's dog) for a walk. After that I might go on the computer and do the blogging challenge etc. Yea so that's pretty much what I do. It doesn't sound very exciting, but it is!! :):):):)


Only one more sleep until I'm getting my Shih Tzu puppy!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! I've always wanted a puppy but have never known what breed to get, so I haven't bothered getting one. My dream breed is a schnauzer, but they cost waaaaaaaaay to much. Maybe when I'm older I might get one. I don't know??? I stiiiiiiillll haven't thought of a name, so if you have a good name you can still tell me. It's never to late. :) My puppy will live inside for a little while and then it will live outside. Seriously I CAN'T WAIT!!!! :):):):) That's all for now. See-ya. Please come back to my blog, I will be putting pictures of my adorable puppy ( Well, I actually haven't seen him yet, but I know he will be adorable.) on 

Digital Footprint

In Challenge 3, activity 1 you had to watch a movie. It was all about digital foot prints. You don't relise how much info you are actually giving away when you subscribe to something. I have a moshi monster, a smiggle account, a gmail account, a glogster and a blogger. All of these have asked me lots of qustions. I know when I get older I will be making more and more accounts.

In Ten Weeks Time I Think...

In ten weeks time I think my blog will have lots more posts and hopefully lots more people will have commented on them. So far I like my side bar. It's not over crowded, to me it's perfect. I looked on some other people's blogs and some were coooooool as but some weren't. A few of the blog's side bars were FAR too crowded. They had like 10 pets, plus loads of other stuff. I'm never going to let that happen to my blog. I don't really know what else I'll put on it but I'll keep looking on other people's blogs. Then if I see something I like I'll get it on my blog.
Keep looking at my blog, because I will be putting lots more amazing posts up.
Good Night, Sleep tight. :):):):)

Who am I...

In the blogging challenge, challenge 3, activity 4, you have to look at a diagram and write a post about what you are. The diagram has quite a few different catergories. Well it is kind of confusing, I'm like a mixture of two. I'm a creator, which publishs web pages, writes blogs and uploads videos to sites like You tube. I am also a spectator, which reads blogs, watchs peer generated videos and listens to pod cast. In creators I write blogs but none of the others and in spectators I  only read blogs.Both of mine are like totally opposite. :):):)  If you want to see what you are just click on this link.
Thats all I have to say. BYE!!!

My Favourite Widget!!!

Hmmmmmmm, this is a really hard decision, I've found so many different widgets. But if I had to choose one it would be this... Click here if you want to go have a look. It has all sorts of different things you can do. You can put lava lamps, glitter writing, clocks, calenders, countdowns, notes and much more. I totally reccomend this to any people who haven't been there before. That's all I'm going to say for now.
Good Night!!! :):):):)

My Comment Guidelines.

Well first of all write a greeting, eg: hello, hey etc. If you don't understand the post, go find a different one to write a comment on. Then maybe compliment it and give some new ideas. If the post was about there goat and you had a goat, you could tell them about your goat. Ask a question or two. If you ask a question I will come back to your blog and reply. Plus, remember not to give away any personal details. Lucky last, please try to use the correct puncutation etc. Also please don't use text language. If your post is absolutely terrible I won't pubblish it. But I don't think I will, because I trust you all with it. Here is a great example of what I think a good comment is...
Hello!! You’re on my blogroll now. France would be an awesome place to visit. I love their language. There is a very cool widget where you can get glitter writing, a scratchi card and a secret messenger. You get them on It’s really really cool. Even if you don’t want to put them on your blog, you should still look, there are so many things to do o there. Thanks. Kayla
If you have any more questions, just ask. Thank-you everybody for coming and looking at my blog. BYE!!!

Where would I looooooooooooove to vist!!!

In Challenge 2, activity 7, in the blog challenge you had to write a post about what would be the one place you'd go to. Well it is kind of a hard decision, but I would really, really, really like to go to Canada. My first reason is because my sister and brother in-law live there. Other than that, I just think it would be an exciting, adventurous place to go. I probably would go in the Winter because Canada is known to be a 'cold' country. And I would also get to see snow and lots of other awesome things. So if anybody wants to buy me a ticket, go ahead. Just don't book it during school. :):):):):):):)

Questions for other Countries

In the Blog Challenge, in Challenge two, activity six we had to write questions for other countries. So here are some of my questions... Australia- Will Australia bet South Africa in the quarter-finals? I want them to. (Well I am half Auzzie!!) Denmark- What is your countries national sport? All countries should have a most popular sport. Columbia- Do they speack a different language or is it similar to English? I wasn't sure so I thought should ask. Canada- Does there rugby team actually like playing rugby. I didn't think Canada were into rugby. I thought they like ice hockey. That's all my questions for now.

A Year in New Zealand

I made a glogster for the blogging challenge. Click here to see it

Tourist Attractions

For the blogging challenge in Challenge 2 you have to give a tourist attraction on some of the places that Miss W and Mr Davo Devil will be visting. I reccomend them to go to...
-California because there is a awesome Disney Land there that has lots of fun rides. It would be reeeeeeeeally exciting. You should also go to Yosemipe. (National Park) It is a huge, pretty outdoor park that has lots or things to do.
-Wahington because there is a White House.I it similar to the Beehive. And th epresident lives in it.
-New York because there is a HUGE Central Park that has lakes, zoos and lots of other fun stuff.
-Texas because there is a Sea World. Have you ever seen a dolphin, whale or sea lion etc? Have you ever touched one of these? If you go here you will be able to see and touch them.
-Rhode Island because you will be able to go on a Light House Tour, which will show you 10 different light houses. Also, while you are in the boat you will be given FREE food.I wish I would be able to. I think these places would be AWESOME to go to. If I got to choose one place it would probably be the Sea World. I have never seen any of these sea creatures before and I have only ever touched a stingray.

Blogging Challenge

Kayla and I are doing the blogging challenge as homework. In Challenge 1, activity 6, you have to write a tutorial post about creating your avatar.
First I found the web site I wanted to make my avatar on, then I fiddled around for a while making it. After I was completely happy with what I had done I saved it into my desktop. So then when I went to write a post about it and I wanted the picture, all I had to do was browse in my desktop. Once I'd found it, I just had to click upload. 

So that's how you  make it. If you have any more questions about it, just leave me a comment asking.


As I said in the title I really can't wait to get my puppy. He is going to have blue themed bowls, toys etc. I wish the time would hurry up and go faster. I am getting him on Friday. Group Day is on Friday so I'm just going to get him after Group Day's finished.He will be six weeks old when I get him. I still haven't thought of a name yet so please if anybody has any good ideas, leave me comment.

Getting Ready

This afternoon Dad and I are going to wash my goat Bubbles,ready for Pet's Day tomorrow. I don't think he'll particularly like it, but it has to be done. Since he's not white it will be easier because if he does get dirty you won't be able to notice it as much. I also will be making sure his feet and inside his ears are clean.
Thank-you for reading my blog. Always come back because I will keep writing and pictures on. That's all I'm going to say for now. Bye!!!

Pretty Toe Nails!!!

What to do...... make your toe nails beautiful. If you are ever bored or don't know what to do you paint your toe nails. Thats what I did today. I got in a creative mood and did. It took we a veeeeeery looooooong time, but in the end it was worth it. And I think they look AWESOME!!!

My Avatar!!

Lately Kayla and I started doing the bloging challenge. In challenge one, activity three and four, we had to make an avatar and write a post about it. We both decided to do it on Portrait Illustration Maker. First we we were just mucking around, looking at all the hair styles etc. It took us roughly about half an hour to totally finish. My avatar has long, blonde hair with brown eyes. There is a pink flower in my hair. I don't normally wear flowers in my hair but I did this time. I am wearing a blue hoodie. Behind me is a snowy back ground. I have pinkish lips and a small nose. I'm also wearing a blue necklace. I didn't give her any earings, but in real life I do wear earings. My avatar has a funny sense of humor and loves to have fun. She likes to read, go horse riding etc. I almost forgot to say my avatar is called Anna the second. :) :) That is everything you will need to know about my avatar. If you want to know anything more, just leave me a comment and I'll answer it.

Saying Good-Bye

Last Saturday (17th September) Roger, my brother in-law, came over from Canada for a holiday.Then on Monday (19th September) Sarah, my sister, came. Their holiday disappeared sooooooooooo fast. But the time they had was fun. This morning we took them up to the Auckland Airport and said good-bye. Thank-you lots Sarah and Roger for making your trip awesome for me. I can't wait till you come over again. I know that won't be for ages, but who cares.

My Goat Bubbles!!!!

 A week or so after my birthday (23rd July) I got a goat, which I called Bubbles. His coat is a few shades of brown with black and white spots. First when I got him he didn't like drinking the milk, but after a few days he got the hang of it and is great.  I feed him four times day as well as two cups of meal. I absolutely LOVE him! I know he loves me too because one day I was sitting outside with him, doing my homework. He came up to me and sat right next to me. There's been other times when he has actually sat on me. :) :) I will be taking Bubbles to Otewa's school Pet Day and then I will go onto Group Day. Since it is my last year at primary school I will also go to Waikato Show. At Waikato I will be competing against lots of other people.That's all for now, but please check out my blog for other posts I do.


In a weeks time I am getting a puppy from the SPCA. It is a boy Shih Tzu. Normally they are sold for about $1000 but since it's from the SPCA I am getting it for $250. It is so exciting buying all the equipment for it. I haven't thought of a name yet so if anybody comes up with a cool boys name leave post telling me. I will put up a newer post with pictures of him.
That's all for now, See-ya. 

My Bunnies

Like I said in the last post I have two bunnies Flopsy and Bopsy. I've had them for about 3 years now. Flopsy's had 3 litters including the one she had recently.The first litter she had 5 babies,the second 2 and this time 5 again. Now there is only 4 as one died.
Bopsy is white with colourful spots all over, unlike Flopsy who is pure white other than
 her nose and ears which are grey. Every litter I've had, all the
babies have always been white. Finally this litter I have a baby that is like Bopsy. :) :) :) Now that they have
their eyes open and are running around I'm
allowed to bring them inside.I put towels all over the couch so they can hop around. They've just started eating food.They love it!!! Once they're a bit older than a month I sell them to the Pet Shop in Hamilton. Here are some photos of my bunnies...

A Bit About Myself.

Hi, my name is Anna, I'm 13 years old and I go to Otewa School, as a year eight. I have a Mum, Dad, three sisters, Rachel, Sarah, Judith and four brothers Matthew, Nicolas, Reuben and Ben. Plus I have a few brother and sister in-laws, Roger, Paul and Hannah. I also have an adorable nephew Jacob and are expecting a niece in January. Can't wait!!! :):):) I have two bunnies, Flopsy (female) and Bopsy (male). Recently Flopsy's just had a litter of five babies, but sadly one died. They are soooooooo cute!!! Since my sister lives in Canada I look after her poodle Sparky. I have a goat called Bubbles which I will be taking to Pet Day. I share four guinea pigs with my brother Matthew. My best book I’ve ever read is The Diary of Anne Frank. It is so sad but I just like it. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is fudge, but I do also LOVE fruit, hard choice. In my spare time I like to read, cook, spend time with my family, draw, play outdoor activities, help dad on the farm, play with my animals, etc. I love the shop Smiggle, seriously I could spend so much money there. I get most of my clothes from Urban Angel. When I grow up I would like to be a teacher. (Primary School). I play the trumpet, every Tuesday I go to Otorohanga College for my lesson. I've been wearing braces for over a year now. So yeah there's a bit about me.