On Wednesday our school travelled to Mahihihi school for athletics. I went with Kayla. Once we got there we lined up in our year levels. The lady talked for a while then we got started. The year eights had a break first. I came 1st
in long jump, jumping 3.80 metres, 1st in discus, throwing 15.20 metres, 1st in sprints, 1st in middle distance, 1st in high jump, jumping 1.20 metres (but I didn't get a chance to go any higher because I'd won) and I got 3rd in shot put. By the end of the day I was tired. Our relay team won. I will never ever forget that day. I will be going to COPS next Wednesday. See-ya for now. Thanks lots for visting my blog. :) :) :)


Wow!! Good for you Anna!! That's awesome!! So proud of you!! x x x


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