Car Washing!!

A little while a go Mum, Nicolas and Matthew were in a serious car crash. During the accident the van was smashed. Mum badly hurt her neck, so now she has to wear a neck brace to support her neck. The insurance are going to decide if it's written off or not, but it is very likely it is. Mum and Dad have been looking at new cars. They've found a car that they like. It is a 2009 car. They were thinking of trading our Ute in, as well as the insurance money for the van. So my job is to thoroughly clean the ute out. It has to be spotless. I started my job today. Tonight I cleaned the inside and tomorrow I'll be cleaning the outside. Charlie has fun helping me. :) :) :) :) :) 
That's all for now. See-ya!!


Good for you Anna! That's nice of you to help out. So glad that Mum, Nicolas and Matthew are all ok. Hope you're helping out with housework too :P


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