C.O.P.S Athletics!!

 At 9.30, Otewa, South school,       Kio Kio, St. Marys, Oto Primary, Waitomo Caves and Hangatiki competed together in athletics. The day started a bit dreary but very soon got very hot. I came 1st in Long jump, 3rd in Middle Distance and then in Sprints I came 2nd in my semi final but then in the final I didn't come anything. I also competed in High Jump but did not come anything. Since most of Otewa School had left we didn't have many students to compete in the relay. But from what we had left we made a team. We came third. Today was an amazing day. Since this is my last year I will never ever be doing it a again. In a few weeks time I will probably be going to Waikato. If I was to go I would probably be entering Long jump and Middle distance. Thank-you for visting my blog. BYE!!! :) :) :) 
I forgot to say the pictures I've put on aren't anybody I know. I just got them off Google images.


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