Day at the college.

This morning at 9:30 many year eights assembled at Otorohanga College  for a orientation day. During this day we explored the college going to many different classes. We were given a time tableOur group had Science from 10.00 to 10.55, then we went to Social Studies for about an hour. This was really fun. After we'd learnt a bit about social studies we played a game. We were split into two even teams and then we were asked all sorts of questions. You could choose what the question was based on. The catagories were. . . politics, history, tourisim, geography and mixed. The harder the questions, the more points you got. Our team won and were rewarded with a bag of lollies to share between us. After we'd finished Scoial studies we had a half hour lunch break. Then our group joined up with another group and together we went to metal and wood work. I made two necklaces. One was a koru and the other one was the letter 'A'. I really liked making them and thoroughly enjoyed myself. :) :). The last thing we did was Physical Education. We played a big game of dodge ball in the gym. The day finished with our dean talking to us. I was dropped off back to school by my friend Kayla's, mum. Today has been really fun and I am looking forward to going there next year. I can't imagine myself in a uniform. :)


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