Yus!! Thumbs Up!!!

Finally all the hard work I've put in has worked. Lately I've been trying to teach Charlie how to sit. He never really seemed to be taking any notice of me when I said 'sit'. But this afternoon I told him to sit and he did. I was all excited. Then I said it again. And then again. Every single time he sat. I was sooooooooo happy. :):):) All the hard work I'd put in was worth it. He doesn't sit if he's distracted. Now I'm going to try and teach him how to high-five. Now that he can sit it will be a lot easier. We'll see how he does. Thank-you lots for visting my blog. Please keep coming back.
Good night.


Hi Anna!!

I'm sooooooo jealous!! Charlie is really cute!! i know you'll be able to teach him how to hi-five. He'll be smart enough. And he loves you so much that he'll want to please you. You must smuggle him to school one day so that you can show me how he sits. I wonder if Gemma would sit and stay?? :)



Hi Anna,
I agree with Kayla, he is so cute. When we were teaching our dogs to sit, we gave them a little bit of cheese when they did it but not too much or they will get fat.

Mrs Weavers


Charlie is soo cute!! Such a nice pic of him! Can't wait to see him in real life some time soon (I hope!) Love you xx


Hi Anna!
Charlie is adorable! I love animals too! It's a ton of work to train your pets, but it's all worth spending time with them! Wish you luck with him in the future!
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