Guess how I'm feeling? . . . 
AMAZING!! I look exactly like the picture. Well I don't actually but I'm sure you get my idea.I'm HAPPY!! I don't really know why I do, but I just do. :) :) :) I have had an awesome day at school. Kayla and I  just can't stop laughing. We don't know why we're laughing but we just are. Charlie also makes me happy. Seeing his adorable face makes we all cheerful inside.Here are some things that make ME smile.    - Sarah's funny face.
- Kayla, especially what she says.
- Charlie
- When someone in my family says something funny.
 There are a lot of other things that make me smile but these are some that I can straight away think of.
What makes you smile? Why does it?


Haha love that my silly face makes you smile! :)


Hey, that's my motto Smile! What makes me smile is my kitten Aonani. ( it means beautiful in Hawaiian) Her playing around just makes me giggle. My friend, Kayla, also makes me laugh too.Just hanging out makes me smile.

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