My Calf Gemma!!

Now that I've finished rearing my goat I have a calf. On Monday night Dad and I went down to my friends house. They are on a milking farm. I got to choose between about eleven different calves. They were all black and white. I was going to get a girl. Finally I decided on one. She was at the back. She has white legs and the rest of her body is white with black spots all over. She also has a black face with a white spot shaped as a 'T'. I didn't feel good knowing that all the rest of the calves were going on the bobbie truck. At least I saved one. :) :) It took me a few days to decide on a name but eventually I decided on Gemma. I feed her milk in the morning and afternoon everyday. I LOVE her lots and lots!!!


Dear Anna,
Thankyou for commenting on my blog and I promise to add you on my blogroll. Your calf Gemma looks very cute! Do you live or own a farm or does your calf just live in your back yard. I would love to own some farm animals.
From Sammy


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