One of the best days of my life!!!

At about 8:00 in the morning Bubbles was all set to go up to Hamilton with Dad and I. We got to the Waikato Show in time. There were already lots of people there. First everybody who participated got a ribbon, we all got one because this year was a Royal Show. After recieving the ribbon we were split into three different rings, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. I was in the seniors. And then each ring was split into early and late. Early is when your goat was born on the earlier side and late is when your goat is born later. Bubbles and I were in the earlies. My day started good when Bubbles came second in Most Obvious Pet. And then in leading we came first and reserve champion. After leading was over we had the team of three. I just joined up with two other people. We didn't come anything in that. We were all getting tired by now. But all we had to do was rearing. That wasn't hard. :)  In rearing I came first and then I came champion. The Champion ribbon is really special. It has three different colours on it. It is a bit hard to explain but if you look carefully on the picture of just me and Bubbles you might be able to see it. I was amazed with myself. I didn't think I'd do as well as I did. Yeah so I will never ever forget this day. See-ya  


Hello my best best best friend. Seems like you had a veeeeeeeeeery gooooooooood day. You must have felt sooooooo proud standing first in line. Well done on your amaaaaaaaazing achievements. Kayla


Dear Anna!

Congrats on winning the Goat Show!! That's awesome Anna! Bubbles is such a cool name too. It's actually a nick-name for my friend I met in Yellowknife.

I like your blog too!
Love, Rog


WAHOO!!! That's so awesome Anna and Bubbles!! Can't believe you did so well at Waikato show!! Good for you! Dum that Mum couldn't go but awesome that Dad still took you! Love, Sarah x


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