Blogging Challenge

Kayla and I are doing the blogging challenge as homework. In Challenge 1, activity 6, you have to write a tutorial post about creating your avatar.
First I found the web site I wanted to make my avatar on, then I fiddled around for a while making it. After I was completely happy with what I had done I saved it into my desktop. So then when I went to write a post about it and I wanted the picture, all I had to do was browse in my desktop. Once I'd found it, I just had to click upload. 

So that's how you  make it. If you have any more questions about it, just leave me a comment asking.


Hey Anna,
Your blog is so cool! I am so happy about Australia winning the game South Africa vs Australia!! Thanks for coming back to blog! I will put you on my blogroll!!
Have fun watching the rest of the world cup( getting sick of dad watching it every weekend)
Sophie :)


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