How creative can you get?

Yesterday I was just doodling. I started drawing faces, my faces then started looking more and more like humans, So I decided to doodle on a different piece of paper. What you have to do is write a paragragh or two about what these people are looking at. Are they seeing aliens or a scary monster? Well you get to choose whatever you like.
Here are some hints to get you started...

- Are they happy/sad/depressed etc?
- Why is it all red?
- Is there a purpose for sheep in the background?
- Why does the man in the front have his hands on his hips?
- Why does the boy on the left hand side look shy?
- Why are there animals with them?
So keep asking questions like that to yourself and then you'll find it much easier. There is no right or wrong answer. This is just meant to be a fun activity. See how creative you can really get and just remember there is NO wrong answer. JUST HAVE FUN!!!



Yes, I am having a great time in Raglan. Love your flag counter. And your shelf. I wasn't surprised at the books!! Did you know that Bruno Mars isn't Bruno Mars's real name. it's Peter . . . something. Very FLASHY anyway. And my new calender. Sorry, this is only a short one. Loved your looooooong comment. From your best best best friend, Kayla ☺
I couldn't get my name working either.


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