Finally, he's here!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, after Group Day, I went to Te Kuiti to pick up my puppy from the SPCA. As soon as we got there I rushed in and was given my puppy. My face lit up as lady brought him out to me. He is aaaaadoooorable!!! I LOVE him sooooo much! :):):) All the way home he snuggled up to me. Once we got home I played with him, which felt like ages and then we made his bed. He then had a veeery long sleep. He doesn't actually have a name yet, he's just called 'puppy', so it's not too late to tell me a name.



My name isn't working either. Your puppy is absolutely the CUTEST dog in the universe. You have a name yet?? You could call him no name, or link it together and call him nome. No that sounds like gnome!! Hope you find a good name soon.



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