How often have you been reading my blog?

Last night, while I was lying in bed I thought I could write a post about how often YOU are reading my blog. So I am going to ask you 15 questions. I'll give you one hint, if you don't know the answer go through reading all my posts. THAT WILL HELP A LOT. Every answer will be in one of my posts. I'll leave a comment back on your blog telling you how well you went. Here comes the questions.
1) How many bunnies do I have?
2) What are their names?
3) What is my favourite colour?
4) What do I LOVE to eat?
5) What is my goat's name?
6) Do I like making my toe nails pretty?
7) What is one question I'd like to find out about another country?
8) Where would I LOVE to vist?
9) What time do I get home from school?
10) If I could do anything what would it be?
11)What breed is my puupy?
12) What is his name?
13) When I went to Kayla's house what movie did we watch?
14) In the 'Zoom Out' game what did I zoom out in?
15) What did my dad think I should've called my puppy?
So have a go and I'll tell you how well you went. Hopefully you will all do well. I know Kayla will. :):):):)
Goodnight everybody!! Sleep well.


Hello. I think I can answer all of your questions. Most of them are straight from my brain as I read your blog very often. (And I know you!!) 1. You have two bunnies, but you used to have babies as well. 2. Topsy and Flopsy. 3. Your favourite colour is blue. (DUH) 4. Fudge and fruit. 5. I nearly wrote Charlie, then thought, that's one too many Charlies!! Bubbles. I should know that. I mean, who did you get the name from. Umm, I would think, ME!! 6. Of course you do. You have ?12? ?15? nail polish thingies. 7. What is your countries national sport? Denmark. 8. Canada - that's a no brainer!! 9. 4 - 4:30. That is so sad!! 10. Learn to ice - skate really well. 11. Shi Tzu. He's a vutie!! 12. CHARLIE!! Copycat!! 13. Part of Alice In Wonderland. The new version. I'm very on to it! 14. A pen. 15. Pepper. (I only know that because you told me about a MILLION times while waiting for 'gnome' to get a name. Nah, you only told me about three times. :)
This is getting veeeeeeery long. I know I've done well. Thanks. Kayla.



Man, I was soooooo close. Half a point. Next time - I'm hoping there is a next time - I will get full marks. No matter how many questions there are, I will get FULL marks. Not even half a mark wrong. FULL marks.



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