From this picture I think...

In the blogging challenge I have to say what I think is happening in this picture. This is what I think...
Some people from New Zealand have gone to Thailand to rescue all the elephants that have been bullied all their life. The elephants are sooooooo happy to be free. After they've all had a big play they will be shipped to New Zealand and will get looked after properly. The elephants will never have a bad day again. They will be treated how we would like to be treated and we will never, ever see them unhappy again.



You are no longer my friend. I have just been on 'Sophie's Super Blog' and saw a very disruptive comment. From you. Brace yourself. 'I want Australia to win the Rugby World Cup.' What were you thinking??!! You may be half Australian and I am half Dutch, but I don't go around saying that I want the Netherlands to win the RWC. Hmmp.

From betrayed.

P.S. It was Kayla. (And I'll forgive you if you comment on my blog. Maybe. If you're lucky.)☺


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