The Waikato Show

Since it's my last year of Primary School I am going to the Waikato Show in Hamilton. On Friday mum, me and my goat Bubbles are going. Bubbles and I will be versing lots of of other people. We will be doing M.O.P, Leading and Rearing and then after that's finished they have a team a three. I will just join up with two other people. Today I am going to give him a wash and clip his feet. I am really looking ford to going. Can't wait!!! I'll tell you what I come after Friday. See-ya. Remember PLEASE comment on my blog. Thanks. :):):):)



I have done what you asked. 'Remember PLEASE comment on my blog.' So I did. So guess what . . . 'Remember PLEASE comment on MY blog!!'

Kayla :) :) :)


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