Tourist Attractions

For the blogging challenge in Challenge 2 you have to give a tourist attraction on some of the places that Miss W and Mr Davo Devil will be visting. I reccomend them to go to...
-California because there is a awesome Disney Land there that has lots of fun rides. It would be reeeeeeeeally exciting. You should also go to Yosemipe. (National Park) It is a huge, pretty outdoor park that has lots or things to do.
-Wahington because there is a White House.I it similar to the Beehive. And th epresident lives in it.
-New York because there is a HUGE Central Park that has lakes, zoos and lots of other fun stuff.
-Texas because there is a Sea World. Have you ever seen a dolphin, whale or sea lion etc? Have you ever touched one of these? If you go here you will be able to see and touch them.
-Rhode Island because you will be able to go on a Light House Tour, which will show you 10 different light houses. Also, while you are in the boat you will be given FREE food.I wish I would be able to. I think these places would be AWESOME to go to. If I got to choose one place it would probably be the Sea World. I have never seen any of these sea creatures before and I have only ever touched a stingray.


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