My Fave Colour!!

 To be honest I do love most colours, but if I had to choose one it would be blue. I don't particularly like dark, dark blues, just the nice bright blues. Blue puts me in a happy mood. You can't really go any where without seeing blue. I've chosen the first picture because it shows you most of the shades. I really like the pale blue on the top, right hand side of that picture.The second picture because it looks beautiful and it also shows that even if you put lots of the same colour 
together it still looks nice and the last because the sea and the waves is the prettiest you could ever imagine. I LOVE watching the blue waves collapsing against the surface. Especially how it's mixed in with white. So now anybody who reads this post knows that my favourite colour is blue.


Hi Anna
I like blue as well but my favorite colour is pink. Today I m full of questions.How long have you been blogging for? How old are you?How many posts have you written?How many comments do you have?What is your TV show?What is your favorite movie?What is your favourite game?What is your favourite song?


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